Love is not a competition?

No. It is not. I cannot love you more, miss you more, than you miss or love me. Love, cannot be measured, like time.

Time, an elemental unit of man, in order to establish control and understanding; pushing mankind, further from both.

When I say I love you, I mean it.

For all of this life.

Even in my hate and anger, I love you, it is why I will never physically lash out, I will never berate, unless I am defending. Then, there are no rules because we should defend what we love as ferociously as we do ourselves; more so even. In an acceptable manner. That is where we often screw up.

Mend, re-build through honest communication. The truth hurts, so too does the work out that makes us stronger. If both people are committed, those people will move mountains in defense of their love.

If they are not, they will go their separate ways, more often than not with a different perception of “who” the person they love has become through their life experience. That after all is what you love them for. How they get through life. You measure them by it.

True love cannot be measured or controlled. It will find a way and that way is not always what you believe it to be. This is truth.

And Truth, well…

Truth is love because love lies in the ability to look the one you love in the face and say, “I was wrong.”

After that, all you can do is wait to see if you are forgiven. If not, walk away, regardless of the reaction. It will tell you the true underlying dominate feeling.

Only time will then tell if the love was real, lost, or never there to begin with.

Are we yelling at one another? Or at the same thing telling it we have had enough?

In defense, of what we love, we love the most we ever will.

Manifest your reality through your perception of the reality you live in. Do not be afraid to question it, daily.

The most, we ever can.

When we start keeping track of whom hurt whom more, well, then we lose sight of what we loved in the first place. I do not wish to do that because every love I have experienced, is the same as the moment I experienced it.

I recall it often.

You have to.

It is the only way to survive this life; this, our own version of Dante’s Inferno… There are definitely layers to this shit cake.

Choose to enjoy the tasty ones while avoiding the disgusting ones.

Shit, back to perspective again.

In time, you will come to understand mine, as fully as I do. It will always change though, through thought and creation, ideas and inspiration that lead to innovation, instead of desolate depression and isolation.

How ironic.

The path to inner peace, is easiest found in isolation.

Then again, it is not a race to achieve it, inner peace, that must be achieved on your own path. I can no more tell you how to do something for yourself anymore than I can make you do something for yourself; or others.

I can only tell you; having lived both sides. Neither one has gotten it right… The pain comes in loving everyone in the fight, and watching them kill one another:

As we race to our own individual Armageddon.

One of these days we will figure it out.

Either by destroying everything, or using what we have as the foundation for something far greater than we have ever imagined.

True Peace.

For all mankind.

A pipe dream to some… Then again, those whom have achieved it, do not rely on others to provide it. The peace comes with understanding:

You are nothing, to nothing you shall return. The shit you accumulate in the process, only destroys the organism that provided it in the first place.


Money cannot buy happiness, this is true; however, once you have happiness, you no longer need money… Once you have money and happiness…

Change is coming, back to the people.

That is my role in life. To anonymously help whomever we can and take no credit for the acts.

We will talk about and discuss the results of the acts, what lead up to them, but, exact locations and names will be withheld. No recognition will come other than what happens through word of mouth.

That is how you change the world. By changing one negative outlook, into a positive one; one person at a time.

My own was the hardest to change. It is getting easier and easier to keep it there everyday. I started finding my own methods of therapy when the ones I was told to use did not work. When I asked for more help, I had received all that was willing to be provided.

I could have focused on that.

Use your resources. If you do not have any, use mine.

SW Trading Co

4400 N. Scottsdale Rd. Suite 9 # 274

Scottsdale, Arizona

If you are serious, you will look up the zip code and tell us about a problem in your community. If we pick yours, based on the submission letter, we WILL donate time, money and resources to help you clean it up.

We only create.

If the venture is negative in nature, sorry; we have all seen the results of bad intel and refuse to operate off of any but our own ever again.

Wait… I to We?

I am just the face, the spokesperson so to speak.

When cover is blown, improvise, adapt, overcome…

It is the Marine Corps way. They taught me well and I took notes. Thank you. Now, it is time to use that training to help more people than you can begin to imagine.

So, with your help we will show you.

If you wish to send donations, send them to

SW Trading Company at the address above. Once we vet your donation, we will accept it. If we do not agree with you or your way of doing things, we will simply thank you and return it.

We cannot be bought.

WE, are the silently loud.

Never seen, never silenced.

Hey – “Don’t kill the messenger.”

Until next time.

Love who you can, avoid who you cannot. Find yourself and live free.

“To soar above the clouds became to soar above my individual perception. It was only then that I truly understood the magic of flight.” – My ID, to my Ego as they became one.
Balanced between individual good and evil, creating the counter to my own perceptual gravity; allowing me to soar into the unknown, willingly, unafraid, and most importantly: