The Mouse Squeeks

We are cryptic people.

All of us. We search for the meaning to everything, even if we fail to admit it to ourselves. As much anger as I have flowing through me today, I refuse to write negatively. As much as I want to explain my side, of my story, I refuse. This is the hard part of coping. Letting go.

Everyone tells you to, no one tells you how.

That is what this page is about. Using myself and examples from my travels to document human behavior, and then offer another view of it.

That is it.

I started with my own. We have to.

I have driven all over this great country, with the exception of Wyoming and the Dakotas, I have been in just about every state at some point or another throughout my travels over 40 years.

I am 41 years old.

I don’t count year one.

Year one is, to me, psychologically, the nothing from which I came. Yup, this is about to get a whole lot deeper.

We are all cryptic people.

Something from nothing, that is the meaning of life. That and that alone, codex and key wrapped up in one thought. To create something, from nothing. For the uber religious, this is only God’s doing. I offer this perspective: If you are built in God’s image, and convinced yourself God does or does not exist… or, you simply misread the signs and believed we ever left the Garden of Eden.

So to speak.

How are some people so happy, no matter what is going on in their lives? Their house could burn down and their response is:

“Who is to know what is good or bad?”

This is the response of man, to try and determine good or bad, the action of God. So why then, does man constantly try to determine the good and bad in other men; before they ever determine the evil within themselves?

You cannot be so holy to never have an evil thought, can you?

Judge not. Oh… Now I know why.

Because when we judge, we are judging others for our own evil thoughts. How WE think WE would respond in a situation based on our psychological make-up. That is it.

Religions of the world teach = This is the path to man.

Spirituality of all man teaches = We are all one, act accordingly.

There is no control in spirituality. It is the basis of religion though. Let that sink in for just a second.


It is important.

The basis of religion is spirituality; only, for the purpose of controlling spirituality. WHAT you believe. Religions believe that your beliefs will determine the fate of all mankind; and, they are correct.

If 75% of the population decided to destroy 25% of the population, you have WWII Germany.

You have 2019 USA.

We are getting gold stars on our “Federally Approved” travel documents. Das papers and shit. Freedom.



When you believe, what you believe, so strongly you are willing to kill, destroy, or hinder the progress in any of God’s creation… You are the fucking anti-Christ you are trying to warn everyone else about.

Eat that shit with salt sprinkles if you must, the truth is not sweet as it is. Why sweeten it with bullshit?

Then wonder why no one can cope with it. Col. Jessup was right about society in that aspect; psychologically, “You cannot handle the truth.” So you are led to believe. If you knew the truth you would not tolerate it; once it affected and effected you and yours. Until then, fuck those guys, they are the enemy, right?

I will pick Bin Laden, I hate the way he went about HIS revenge. Using Allah to generate more hate and disdain for the Muslim population. He had a platform and a solid attack plan. Oust the CIA for arming your rebels when it was convenient in the US battle against the Soviet Union, then fleeing when they were discovered playing behind enemy lines.

Instead, he reacted and let his emotions override his ability to actually help his people.

The U.S. has been meddling in foreign affairs for so long, the snake in the grass has been discovered all over the world. That is why we are building walls. Chickens are coming home to roost and now we don’t want to let them back in.

It is in the U.S. intelligence manual for crying out loud.

Counter-intelligence wins wars. Intelligence, makes the other side THINK they are winning.

Maybe I am wrong, I was never in counter-intelligence; or, any intelligence service with any governmental agency, domestic, recognized foreign, or otherwise organized. Little disclaimer there because I do not want people drawing conclusions from my non-existent resume.

Back to the psychology codex.

Spirituality and religion do not mix. Oil and water, do mix, I am not sure why we are told they do not. I have some recipes that mix oil and water beautifully; they literally make shit people die over, under, whatever. Point is, don’t believe the bullshit you are told until you experiment a little yourself.

The duality in man is nothing more than the duality in you.

The options you have when you are faced with making decisions. Is the result of the decision going to benefit my ego, or my generosity… in the long term. Am I doing this for me, or everyone else?

If it is for you, the end result will not be worth it, in most circumstances. Shit. So it isn’t as easy as follow the golden rule and life will be perfect? Fuck no. If you think that is the case, go to any low income area as an outsider, or insider, and see if the golden rule applies as you start to make a little something for yourself.


Society is no different.

Personally, I would rather be robbed by a man with a gun, than a pussy with a fountain pen. At least I stand a fighting chance against the gun. Each gun is attached to one person. I have confidence to deal with a lot of armed people.

Each pen is attached to thousands of people, and only the author is known. That is the secret to counter-intelligence. That is the secret to life. Figuring out who the author is, using the ghost writer.

The man with the gun and the man with the pen are easy to spot. Whom is pulling both trigger and pen? That is the mystery isn’t it.

Wait. This is a psychology page, not a conspiracy theory page.

True, it is. Again, Only perspective is offered here. Allow me to plant this seed of thought then until next time…

If there are enough holes in the original story to come up with a conspiracy, then, the original event was never investigated properly… and, should be re-examined according to that events importance in history. Those holes MUST be filled in order to have transparency.

Anything else is not freedom; rather the illusion of both.

If a mouse squeeks, it is because someone stepped on it.

Kings and pawns.