Psychological Pseudonym Pt. II

By now we have established the four pillar foundation for our psychological pseudonym.

What from there?

This is what we have so far:

This is what we have to start with; however, as we gain experience in different environments we learn new things. We have to have somewhere to put that stuff. That is the job of the first organism formed within you. You are the world. Let’s break it down like that and look at how you, are a planet inside; well, you.

Think of the brain as the core of the earth. Each time something happens, it heats up and creates a neurological response. You generate the electricity to move your muscles.

The nerve synapses fire and you move before you even think about it. The survival reaction.

This is what Tesla was trying to figure out. How to capture the energy that is generated in and around us in order to power the world we live in. He was just thinking externally scientific; we are going to go internal scientific.

Now we have our brain, the storage unit. Our very own hard drive if you will. Computers mimic us, and in turn learn how to understand us and control us faster than we can keep up with them. That is artificial intelligence. Making you rely on a device you do not need; but, are willing to part with something you do, in exchange for, it. Your very own dopamine pump. Like heroin, it comes with a nasty price.

The dopamine release.

It too comes from the brain and is controlled by your psychology. It is why the teen suicide rate is so high in this country. Wires are getting crossed through subconscious programming and dopamine releases being generated as a reward mechanism instead of as a survival tool. Then they are mismanaged when events are out of the psychological ability of the individual experiencing them.

They collapse.

Nature is being misused for profit.

How though?

More diagrams…. Be back shortly.