Room 805

The Laundromat.

The new age, rip you off coinless laundromat.

I love the laundromat. Not this one so much, but the atmosphere is all I need.

I get all of my laundry done in one afternoon and could care less about it the rest of the week. Also, I do not have to store a washer and dryer of my own. I simply need to find a laundromat; once a week.

Another benefit to being nomadic.

The diet is easy too.

In the morning when I wake up, I eat nothing. I have not earned a meal yet. First, I must give thanks by going outside and stretching in the first sunlight. If I miss the first sunlight, I stretch in the first sunlight I see; making it the first sunlight for me.

My rise and shine.

Then, I let my stomach grumble for a little bit. This is the discipline. I have not earned a meal; therefore, I shall not eat one. When I do, I make it a milk product, vegetable and some juice. When I am by myself, my diet is primarily liquid these days.

It makes me more portable, less reliant on anything other than myself.

So far I have not drank water in excess of an ounce in over two weeks. I feel amazing. I have often thought we are told to drink waaaay too much water. Then I thought, prove it smart ass.



Your neurological make-up is the most efficient electronic device on the planet. It is what led me to start studying salt batteries. How to use something the entire universe is made up of in order to generate and store electricity. Salt is some amazing stuff.

Too much, you are dead.

Too little, you are dead.

Balance, like nature intended.

Back to neurology… and your mental balance.

You are what you eat and what you eat is shit. You are shit because if you take a minute to be honest with yourself, you eat shit. Water and food. Two key elements to survival. We off balance the food intake and are told we need to increase our water intake; that should balance the scales.


Not a chance. What you are actually doing is tipping them in the favor of death, disease and cancer. Yeah, that asshole. I will not go into the extent of my own personal medical issues outside of the ones I have already described. I will not give them time to manifest into anything stronger. I have also made the very conscious decision to never see a doctor again; outside of the ongoing work comp case I am still involved in. I will never have blood taken again and I will never ingest any modern pill again. Ever.

Other than that, I will continue to do everything in cooperation with those assigned to assist me in MY journey to a happy and healthy life. MINE. My mental health relies on it; and, the mental health of others relies on my own.

We evolve together through understanding one another.

Continuing the evolution of our thinking… we go back to neurology.

If you drink 8-8 ounce glasses of water a day, for just normal activity… Then you need to carry 1/2 a gallon of water for everyday activity, each day.

That is a shit ton.

Especially when you are the one carrying it.

Take into account the increased physical activity of doing so, and it is no wonder you need even more. You have conditioned yourself to and your pH balance is off in both your blood and urine because of the foods you eat.

It is science.

Like Tweedy Daddy said, “Debate me coward.”

The high fructose corn syrup in EVERYTHING, is destroying your body and making you reliant on… wait for it…


Only the devil in disguise kills you slower, so it can drain that turnip longer. Bleed it dry while laughing at your misery.

I know, I am wrong and medical technology has saved tons of lives, they started killing long ago just to charge you when they save you again.

Immortality through science?

Ever seen what an embryonic stem cell can do to the human body? I wonder why the “religious” in control always rely on boogie science to stop real science. Oh shit. They are getting paid on both ends.

Fucking genius.

And time for it to stop.

That is up to you though. It is your life and you get to choose how to live it. I am here as the ghost of past, present and future… They have all been written the same; in order to confuse you in to thinking you are part of the solution…

Perhaps you are just a salt battery; keeping that pharmaceutical machine going at the expense of your life.

The choice is yours.

At least think about it.

Love you,

Love yourself…