Bloodline – A novella’s beginning.

For thousands of years the battle has waged between good and evil. Beginning in a place incomprehensible from where we are now. It is hard to explain the essence of time. Time is, after all else, an essence to be used accordingly; by those worthy of the power to do so. You should not limit time to being merely a measurement of man; however, doing so would explain the inability to properly understand it.

Let me see if I may be of assistance.

There is no natural system of checks and balances, so to speak, for mankind. No rain will fall from the heavens and extinguish the fire they created.

Only those in control at the moment can dictate the direction of the earth’s true positive and negative poles.

Heaven, achieved by a universal understanding of world peace, or, hell, by creating Armageddon.

Some people DO just want to watch the world burn; however they are not the ones you should be worried about. The watchers are the talkers, and the simply watch in the night. The ones you should be concerned with; have been stockpiling matches for centuries, and they are ready to light some fires.

Karma comes in many shapes and forms.

It too, has, since the beginning of time been manifesting itself through people and the pleasures they seek. Regardless of the acts of man, we know what they try to hide. When they get too out of control we take it back.

How? It is very simple…

By deciding what fate should befall their bloodline.

Then, we manifest it until we get tired.

Of course there are ways out of your manifested destiny. Solve the riddles right in front of you every day.

Connect the dots.

See yourself,

living free.


Free will.

Just when you think you are on top.

Maybe something changes in your karmic wind and it is time to finish off your bloodline. You can always try again; we will decide for how many generations, at least until someone figures out the path to joining us.

Then the fun really begins.

“Welcome back, let’s see what heaven or hell you get to start out in this time. I wish you well, for you are all my sons and daughters.”

B. Line operator #79652 (Recorded date: 12/25/0001)

The cities bright lights drew them in like ants lined up and headed to a picnic. Their destination; C216. The prize for their patience?

A chance at freedom.

Someone had cracked the puzzle and was giving it away.

We were on the verge of becoming God’s.

Then Armageddon came.

“I never thought this could happen. Instantly, there was nothing.”

Citizen of former Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A. (Recorded 02/02/22 @ 2:22p.m.) Ten years after the fall.