Destroying a Narcissist

Before we get started, understand a couple things:

  1. If you go down this path, you will be in for the fight of your life.
  2. You will look like a narcissist when you challenge one; they will paint the picture you are the enemy. Be prepared for that, it is going to suck.

If you are ready, this is how it is done.

Step 1. – Understanding the enemy.

The narcissist has a fragile ego and any challenge to it, will focus all of their attention, and power, on you.

You become the object of aggression, and there will be a shit ton of it. Now, keep in mind there are different levels of narcissist like there are different levels of criminal. Some, only steal from the store while others have no problem committing murder in order to achieve their objective.

You better fucking know that and be prepared for whatever may come; because no matter how smart you think you are, you can never see ALL the angles. You don’t have to if you are prepared for them. Just know, there are physical risks and you can die doing this.

Somethings are worth dying for.

The egotistical narcissist is the worst. They are driven by their fragile ego with NO empathy. Some narcissists have a small level of empathy, it all depends on their neuropsychology and which is dominant and by how much.

Self driven at any cost. No regard for others, only self elevation matters. The members of the Sackler family are egotistical narcissists and I take every chance I get to say FUCK THEM.

So, you know they will react AT you, but how?

This is very important. Are they an in your face kind of person or are they more likely to use their power and position, if available, to crush you and yours?

Once you know that then you may move forward to whatever step we are on now.

If the individual will come at you head on, they are easy to deal with. Bait them and switch them up. Let them show who they really are when they are comfortable, record it and show everyone else. It really can be that easy.

If they use power and position, well, now you have entered into the long game and you better be prepared because they will come at you with every angle they have; and, that is where you pick up the advantage again.

By knowing every angle they have from their power and position and preparing in advance for it; while simultaneously recording the behavior and back door communications of others.

It helps to have a lot of friends in high places for this one.

Or, in my case, friends in low places with counter-intelligence experience; but I digress. Now you know where they will be coming from. How they will be coming and the results they can produce using those attacks on you.

Just like castle warfare, you have to prepare in advance because there is not time to get supplies to defenses when the enemy is at the gates. That is how castles fall, by being waited out.

Just like with the amount of water we are told to drink today… That would have been physically impossible to carry on the Mayflower, Pinto bean, and whatever other ship sailed the waters to get here. A half gallon per person, per day on a journey we don’t really know how long it is going to take?

The boat would have never left the harbor.

Too much water in it.

You have to think big picture and sometimes, that picture stopped getting painted hundreds of years ago. That is why history is important. Not the history you know, the history you do not. History was written by the side holding all the pens when the battle was over.

Of course the narcissist that stormed the castle is going to write himself up in history as the hero that saved his people. He is a fucking narcissist. (I say he because the majority are men, in history; not that there were not ruthless women, so for the ruthless women of history whom terrorized instead of liberated: Fuck you too.)

This is why the narcissist must never be voted into or given power.

They will manipulate the emotions of others into joining them in an unjust fight while proclaiming it is for the good of the people. So, am I a narcissist for claiming to be fighting for the good of the people while asking others to do the same with me?

I guess like life, that is up for the reader to decide.

God bless the reader, whichever way they so choose; even if not at all. Free will. I support that shit.