Hey It’s Me!!

The devil, in their devilish disguise

Hey there friend!

it’s me!

The one you never knew you needed,

but here I am,

standing so aptly conceited.

I have something for you;

of witch, are you in need?

Don’t not snake for a second at my split down,

double talking,

here, sit down;


My eyes glow from the fire inside,

the desire inside;

for I want nothing more,

than my new “friend” to succeed.

I’m not who they say,

just give me one day;

I promise that will more than all the time we will need.

Just sign here,

Sorry, in blood my dear,

Don’t worry, it fades in a day,

your life?

signed away.

I own you from sun to sun,

seed to seed,

without me now; you will never succeed.

My days are longer than your perception allowed,

Man’s hunger, your lust, Oh do trust;

we heard it so loud.

The calls they kept coming,

My evil beat drumming,

hallucinating everyone,

incensed in the crowd.

Now come tell me your sins,

as the real hell begins…

Don’t cry, I told you;

It’s ME!

And now, you and I,

eternally friends,

for free;

Well, at least to me.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled: Convincing the world the devil was not just mankind’s description of where to look for evil; and, equally how best to hide it, or respond to it when it is found.
Control over the disillusion of organized “faith.”
The Irony.