Something from Nothing…

The basis for all the architecture in the universe is the circle. The circle gives way to every other shape and provides balance in visual symmetry. Without it, life would be incomplete and non-existent. Without the circle, you would not be you.

To make something from nothing.

The perpetual puzzle of life. How did I get here and more importantly what am I to do now that I am? We are fascinated with history. Ours, others, the city, state, country. We all just want to belong, even when we say we do not.

We are just not sure what we want to belong to; and, it is important you know. How else will you ever learn to manage expectations?

Groups have rules, individuals do not.

Get that in your head now and save yourself a lot of heartache later.

In the gang, if you break the rules there is a punishment. You get beat, robbed, killed or worse. Yes, there are far worse things than death. Why do you think there are so many shootings in neighborhoods of lower socio-economic class? It is by design and if you believe it is not, we have a lot more to talk about before we get to where we are going.

I promise I will be patient, because change does take time and it takes multiple views of the same picture to change your perception of it. I cannot lash out for you not knowing what you do not know, you were not taught. Neither was I. To lash out for that would be to lash out at my former self, whom also did not know; and, that would make me a hypocrite.

I do not belong to any organized religion so I wish to remain hypocrite free. That is my belief. I talk a lot of shit, but I also plant psychological seeds that will eventually blossom in the right environment. The ones we are talking about.

Take a walk down there. You will be afraid, and you should be. We feel it all of the time; we live here. I still live here, at least I know the people are real. Even if they are willing to rob me to prove it. They will at least do it to my face.

Poor people feel equally intimidated when they can finally walk into a nice place with a lot of rules we do not know; and, end up getting called out for not knowing them. Usually in a very publicly and mocking manner as though somehow our not knowing stripped our worthiness to be here.

Where we are from, people get killed for that shit.

So, I guess you can be thankful for only receiving a fuck off when you failed to take into account the hardships of our lives and automatically assumed we were somehow less human; then, promptly treated me as such while making the facial gestures I would have recognized across the room.

Sorry not sorry that we was not taught the ettiquite of dining in the same halls as the uber rich, while eating tuna or beans from a can. Watch us eat this steak with our hands; like the primates you think we are. We prefer Vikings though; so, when you see us, we see ourselves at a feast we finally conquered.

Who’s evening was ruined by our presence?

Only those whom allowed their sensitivities to make them watch us eat our meals in peace; however we decide to eat them. That is not on us. Mind your own damn business.

You see, we do not live by your rules any longer because we see the harm they cause people, psychologically; and then, how that pain carries over to the rest of us facing the same pain.

When we see it, we are no longer quiet about it. Tired of being quiet and waiting for change. Nah, we have watched the suffering enough and it is time to act.

So, I act how I can, helping people cope with their problems in a fucked up world I cannot change by myself.

Nor would I if I could. It is not mine to change, it is ours and we must decide what is acceptable to us.

In the meantime, I travel and speak to whomever I come into contact with. I meet up with people and we talk about their intellectual inner workings, open, honestly and without judgement.

The gratitude is my payment. I receive gratitude when someone tells me their life is better since we have met. What more can you achieve than that?

In the end, I am thankful I never went to college. Life taught me everything I need to know about, everything I need to know, in order to survive.


In order to survive myself.

The duality of man. One will kill you, one will save you and everyone else.

Which one do you listen to more?

Love you,

Love yourself…