The Blood of the Lamb

From birth, I was made to raise it.

Feed it, water it, trim it as it goes.

Now, I am being told I must kill it.

It is the way of the world and I am to be baptized in the blood of the lamb.

It is with sorrow and a heavy heart;

I lead my lambs to the slaughter.

In the prime of their life they will be sacrificed,

as virgins to the God’s,

unseen above.

As thanks, for what is provided;

what is provided shall be slaughtered,

for life.

the blood is juiced and savored.

Eternal life with the taste of its sweet nectar.

Everything I need, right here in this homemade V8.

Man this shit is good.

Freshly juiced vegetables contain all of the water your body needs to operate. We do not get enough so we flush our bodies; removing nutrients before they can build up.
This makes you more reliant on external nutrients; for a price.
Man cannot duplicate nature like nature; we will die trying though.