Your enemies will test your patience; by attacking your emotions, and the things closest to you.

Your enemies will taunt you.

Let them. Do not become what they paint you to be.

When someone spreads falsehoods about you, they are attempting to lure you into their creation. Smile, turn your back on them, and, better yourself.

Commodus will spread his lies, fast and with great emotion attached to them.

They will have no evidence to produce at trial. The evidence is fabricated and will never hold up. That is why we are going to trial. The best place to expose corrupt, is by throwing them in the fire of their own creation, in their own courts.

Make them explain every detail; then pick it apart.

Make Sheriff Jefferey Easter explain in court why he called the head psychiatrist and painted for him a picture; that matched his narrative. A false narrative, put forth in an attempt to discredit… To save his own skin.

And the truth shall set you free.

This is enough for one day.

We have all the time in the world. Election season is not until August 2020 and now that my medical retirement has been approved by numerous doctors and 3rd party individuals, you have to wonder…

How is it that Sedgwick County says I am un-injured, after they clearly said I was injured…. Still no neurologist appointments one and a half years later?

It almost seems like they were purposefully dragging their feet in an attempt to starve me out financially. Oh, sill Jefferey. You do not have any idea who I am, but I know who I am. You will soon.

Different narrative, different agendas, and they will all be exposed. You cannot treat citizens this way Jeffery.

I don’t give a fuck who you think YOU are; I know who I am.

My name is Justin, and I will see Justice.

You will see the inside of a prison cell for having me kidnapped. You should have fucking killed me; you will regret not. That, I promise. Until my dying day, I will follow you, I will bring to light your acts and evil.

Everyone you have bullied has been more than willing to talk to the one person willing to tell you to your face to FUCK OFF.

That is why you got so mad at our meeting in January. No one tells the Sheriff what to do.

Not even the law.

Never prey on a fucking predator Jeffery. See you in court soon enough fuck face. Might want to get your mind right.


You are the scariest man many have seen; they fear to face the bully…

Imagine if Kings showed up at the doorsteps of Pawns; to fight their own battles.