The End

This show is over. Password has been changed and I have no clue what it is.


I’m done spending time and energy trying to seek justice for those whom do not want it.

Enjoy the bed of corruption you sleep in.

There are far better ways than a blog page to expose it.

This page, my communication method with myself.

Prepping for trial so to speak.

Never believe you know anyone; especially if you do not know yourself.

You cannot know what is best for me, when you are so trapped in your own reality you fail to see anyone else’s.

This, has simply been the perception experiment that will earn me my doctorate in psychology, specifically Neuropsychology and the conditions that condition our actions away from our beliefs.

Thank you to those whom participated.

You were yourselves and everyone of my “predictions” mailed in January, came true.

I hit a parlay of corruption.

See you on the other side, with a TON more evidence.

Choose wisely, your future isn’t as unplanned as you might be led to believe.


Love you all, as much as you loved me back.